Case Study: Achieving 226.53% Growth in One Month for a Jewelry Brand in Amazon Canada


In December 2023, a jewelry brand with a diverse product line sought to improve its online sales performance. Although they offered high-quality products, their Amazon sales were not meeting expectations. They reached out for help to overhaul their Amazon PPC campaigns and SEO optimize their product listings.


Limited Online Visibility: The brand had low online visibility despite offering quality jewelry.
Highly Competitive Market: The jewelry category on Amazon is highly competitive.
Underperforming PPC Campaigns: Ineffective PPC targeting led to high ACOS and low ad sales.

Strategy and Execution:

1. Swift Market Analysis
• Studied relevant competitor’s details using Amazon Product Opportunity Explorer
• Reviewed customer feedback and identified popular search terms from Amazon Brand Analytics
• Analyzed the niche growth and demand to pinpoint areas for improvement.

2. Keyword and Listing Optimization
• Build a robust keyword list with a mix of highly relevant short-tail and long-tail keywords by DataDive and Helium10
• Implemented a negative keyword list to avoid non-converting traffic by the Roots Analyzer tool.
• Optimized product listings with compelling titles, bullet points, and descriptions that highlighted the unique qualities of the jewelry.

3. Ad Creatives Enhancement

• Crafting engaging ad copy emphasizing the jewelry’s unique features.
• Utilizing high-quality images to showcase the products’ elegance.
• A/B testing to refine and select the most effective creatives.

4. Aggressive Targeting

• Segmented the audience to focus on high-converting customer groups.
• Implemented sponsored brand and product targeting campaigns to maximize exposure.
• Used Amazon’s advanced SD retargeting campaigns to reach the most relevant audience.

5. Bid Optimization and Budget Control
• Implemented automated bidding strategies for optimal spending.
• Adjusted budgets dynamically based on campaign performance.
• Monitored daily spending closely to maintain budget efficiency.

6. Frequent Performance Monitoring and Adjustments
• Conducted daily performance reviews to make swift adjustments.
• Refined keywords, bids, and targeting based on real-time data.
• Adapted quickly to market changes to sustain campaign momentum.


In December 2023, our strategies delivered significant outcomes:

• Total Sales: $32,249
• PPC Spend: $2,914
• PPC Sales: $15,031
• PPC Orders: 298
• CPC: $0.97
• CVR: 9.87%
• ACOS: 19.39%
• TACOS: 9.04%
• YoY Sales Growth: 226.53%


This case study showcases the power of strategic Amazon PPC and listing optimization in achieving rapid growth. In December 2023, we transformed the jewelry brand’s online presence through targeted PPC strategies, driving exceptional growth in just one month. This transformation demonstrates the effectiveness of a focused and agile approach in the highly competitive Amazon marketplace.

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