Case Study: Achieving 40% YoY Growth for a Sports Brand Selling on Amazon USA in April 2024


In April 2024, a sports brand specializing in athletic tape approached us to enhance its Amazon presence and increase sales. They required a comprehensive strategy to improve their Amazon PPC campaigns and product listings.


* Limited Online Presence: The brand needed to improve visibility in the competitive athletic tape category.
* Intense Competition: The sports market is filled with multiple brands competing for attention.
* Underperforming PPC Campaigns: Existing campaigns had high ACoS and weren’t delivering the desired results.

Strategy and Execution:

1. Brand Audit and Market Insights
* Conducted a detailed audit of the brand’s existing ad types, match types, and overall PPC strategy.
* Leveraged Amazon’s Category Insights tool to understand market trends and uncover areas of opportunity.
* Used competitor analysis to identify performance gaps and potential strategies.

2. Keyword and Listing Optimization
* Enhanced product listings with compelling copy, emphasizing the unique features of the athletic tape.
* Used Amazon’s Search Query Performance and SUPA (developed by Mansour Norozi) to identify high-potential keywords and optimize the keyword strategy.
* Implemented a detailed negative keyword list to filter out non-converting traffic.

3. Enhanced Ad Creatives and Campaign Types
* Created sponsored brand headline ads with product collections to maximize brand exposure.
* Developed engaging sponsored brand video ads to highlight the product’s features in a visually appealing way.
* Conducted A/B testing to refine and select the most effective ad creatives.

4. Funneling and Audience Targeting
* Used Amazon’s Sponsored Display (SD) to retarget audiences based on past purchases and product views.
* Implemented vertical and horizontal funneling and pushed the targets in SB and SD ads.

5. Bid Management and Budget Optimization
* Employed a combination of manual and automated bidding strategies for optimal campaign performance.
* Adjusted budgets dynamically to align with campaign performance.
* Monitored campaign metrics closely to control spending and enhance profitability.


  • Total Sales: $26,504
  • PPC Spend: $2,074
  • PPC Sales: $13,032
  • PPC Orders: 442
  • CPC: $1.23
  • CVR: 26.18%
  • ACOS: 15.9%
  • TACOS: 7.82%
  • YoY Sales Growth: 40%


This case study showcases the impact of a strategic Amazon PPC strategy and advanced listing optimization in driving significant growth. By leveraging detailed keyword research, audience targeting, and advanced ad creatives, we enabled this sports brand to achieve a 40% YoY growth in a competitive niche.

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